Karl Smyth Studio
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Creativity doesn’t care about the past.


I see your business from a new perspective.

I solve challenging creative design problems – from startups to organisations going through massive growth, needing to stand out in a sea of sameness, engaging a younger audience to launch a new product or brand through our multidisciplinary creative practice working internationally in branding, print, digital & advertising.

We partner with smart, passionate, ambitious clients who from around the world to change, connect, innovate and make things better.


How I Do It

Each job has a context, and needs study and research before I start. First, concept + strategy. Then, design.

I don't design for designers. I design for people. I design to grow your organisation.

If it looks familiar, I will try something else. Together we cannot be afraid to make mistakes. We learn from them.

Together we implement. We craft it + make it real. We want people to smile.