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Bringing proven health solutions into an ill-equiped market .


Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes, accounting for around 90% of all diabetes cases. As with much of the developed world, diabetes is on a steep upward curve in Portugal, a country with a traditionally healthier mediterranean style diet and outdoor lifestyle.

Go On Living imports and distributes a range of important healthcare items, from pure glucose supplements, boosters and gels, to tools to help patients and doctors with less painful injections, and is heavily focussed on the growing diabetic market in Portugal and Spain.

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It’s estimated that more than one million Portuguese have Diabetes: around 13% of the population


The brand language for Go On Living is clinical and professional, but bright, friendly and energetic enough to communicate both to end users of the products, and to medical professionals and their partners in diabetes support groups and organisations.

The website’s purpose goes beyond that of a sales and product information tool, and includes educational sections that provider readers with great detail into how a mix of the right nutrition and sports participation can benefit people with diabetes, as well as the preventative benefits of a good diet and exercise.

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We developed and art directed a library of photos that capture the spirit of living a life well lived.

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